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Module 1


Create a stable foundation

Most so called "agencies" are just a broke marketing consultant trying to figure this business out, this module lay out the foundation that separate those who have hundreds of clients and those who have none.


Nick doesn’t only tell you just how to start and what to do exactly, but he also helps you with changing your mindset toward the agency business, what I think is even more important. I think telling your mistakes which you did in the beginning and the solution toward them is the biggest value of this course. That's saves people which are new in this business, a lot of time and energy. Thumbs up!
Arber Skelaj


Halfway through and wow… really blew my mind how I`ve been my own greatest enemy. I`ve literally could`ve done this 100 times over and instead I´ve purchased about 4-5 courses teaching how to grow an online business and you calling me out on my mental state was an epic breakthrough. I haven't taken action because of fear… okey time to get to work.
Erick Soza

Module 2

How to get get consistent leads

The biggest problems marketing consultants and digital agencies experience is that their pipeline run on pure hustle and referrals only.

To archive a consistent stream of leads without relying on your own time, you need to pay for salaries or ads. The problem of throwing money in the start of your pipeline is that you don`t know how you convert cold meetings, and if you have room in your margins to cover the cost.

Replypipe are focusing on automating this using outbound software making the investment of reaching new potential customers on a daily basis without the risk of giving away your margins.


Really good experience, if you can always see the big picture all the information is really really valuable. All the information is well explained, you have a tool set to do the things in your own personal way, in code terms, you understand the algorithm, not the code
David Luan Erazo Perez


Nickolas provides practical strategies based on his own experience. I appreciate his quick, no-nonsense approach in the course. This was just the information I needed to help me start taking action on my own business.
Aaron Appelt

Module 3


How to prospect on autopilot

It is all about finding the businesses you can help, and those who want your help. All new opportunities start with a reply.

Replypipe let you create a central hub with CRM and share inbox, create teams and let them convert new conversations into meetings.


Officially closed my first client. The pricing strategy Nik presents here makes it easy as hell pitching clients. You can do it guys!

Dewayne Monroe


Your approach were not only unique but practical as well. I really liked the killer strategies that you discussed, they are so applicable in every business. In fact, within 24 hours of completing the course I landed a client on Facebook.
Gaurav Kumar

Module 4

How to get projects

The lack of trust in this business is something that affect the best one too, in this module we go trough how you can create fantastic relationships, demonstrate live and deliver an experience that get you way more projects than all your competitors.


This is not another arbitrage agency course. This is a course that will for sure get you results. If you like me live in more rural parts, are a nomad and don`t speak local language…then you have to be more creative. Which Nickolas is helping me with as well, so fear not, this course and the instructur will help you too.
Georgianne Peterson


Nickolas gives some great advice on how to create your own digital agency with its own custom mix of service offerings. His posititve motivations really inspire and excites one to the point of wanting to take action. I thoroughly enjoyed this course and would recommend it to anyone who wants a guidline and a framework that is adaptable to any country.
Mattheus Johannes Lotter

Module 5


How to deliver ROAS

We live by giving our clients a 1000% ROAS (return on ad spend). When you can demonstrate results like this, getting referrals and testimonials should be the least of your worries.


This is a course that encourage me to put actions to my desire. The instructor gave real-life examples of failure and success. He also challenges his students to put action to the theory. I am going to go through it a second time to ensure that I pick up on all the value.
Donnie Williams


I am really enjoying this course! Nickolas has touched upon many things that I personally have been struggling with - mainly believing that I have to get everything perfect before I even put myself out there! His easy breezy attitude helped me get over my over analyzing…
Jackie Gebbia

Here's a summary of everything you get...This is not your typical "course". We provide you with everything you need to be successful

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Daniel wallock

I wanted to say thank you. Nickolas, you may not know it, but you are one of the main reasons I've done so well.
I helped Bookkeeping Central earn over $1.000.000 in new leads in 25 days with strategies learned in this course !!

Students aren't just satisfied, they have real business breaktroughs

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Everthing in this course was extremly helpful. I just started my digital agency and I have experiences some of the things the instructor experienced, witch gave me a sense of connection. If you really want to know what it takes to get out there, start and create a ahency that generate leads, you should definitely take this course.
Monisha E


Great course for understanding the fundamental actions you need to execute to receive enquiries from new paying prospects.
James McCullen


The content here is fantastic. What took it to the next level is the instructor`s delivery. Nickolas is articulate, motivational and eager to help. Great stuff!
Alexander Lee


I must be honest: It is the first time I make a comment on a course, but this one is worth it. All the steps are very clear and the instructor is always helping you, responding every doubt you have. Just perfect !
Javier Orrego


I highly reccoment this step by step course with many valueble and helpful ideas for future creative agency owners.
Tomislav Janes


This course is absolute quality, as a guy who knows a lot about marketing, the talking to client part is absolutely spot on. He use proven tectics and definitely knows what he`s talking about. What impresses me the most is the aftercare support you get once you finnish, Nick hasn`t stopped helping, all in all a very simple but at the same time in-depth course that will make you money IF you apply what is tought, no excuses with the help you get after the course is finished, well done Nick really enjoyed it.
Matthew Cullen

Follow up is king.. remember my niche that the guy was neglecting the campaign I started for him? I went for his competitor instead and now he is asking for more info… this all happened by using Replypipe and following up.
Nakamura Fumiko


If you are looking for a way to start a real online business with real paying customers, then this is a great place to get started. And even if you do have your own agency, you will get a lot of value from this course. Nick tells it for what it is, starting a digital agency is no walk in the park. There is a lot of hard work to get started, but Nick does give some very practical ideas for earning some almost passive income. I just started doing SEO sales and the course is a huge part of it.
Mike Henry


  • Q: I’m completely new to the digital agency model, won’t this all be too complicated for me?

    A: Not at all. We start completely from scratch assuming no knowledge whatsoever. I show you everything (down to which buttons to press) in order to get your business off the ground. I explain it all in plain, easy to understand video tutorials.
  • Q: Getting clients is my biggest challenge, will this help?

    A: I know from my own experience and from talking with others that "getting clients" can be one of the most overwhelming aspects of building your digital agency.
    For this reason our WHOLE PURPOSE of the accountability group is pushing each others to do what is required to get new leads constantly where I show you (using many real life examples) of how to do this properly, quickly and effectively.
    The biggest work you can do is not learning something new, but removing what is holding you back from staying consistent even with rejection and challenges shows up along the way.
  • Q: I’m not technical, can I really do this?

    A: Absolutely! These days almost zero technical knowledge is required to build a digital agency business. I don’t know how to code a web page and I don’t want to know either. 95% of what you’ll need to do to build you business is “point and click” so it is very easy. For the other 5% I am not shy of taking explaining you exactly how to solve that specific problem.
  • Q: I’m not really that into doing every aspect of a agency

    A: No worries, it is all about becoming the best at what you like and outsource the rest. We still advice to do a task a couple of times before you set it out, but there is no reason why you have to do the conversation, meetings or fulfillment yourself.
  • Q: I have tried a lot of different business models, what is the reason this will work?

    A: If all you care about is money, it will not work, just as all the others you may have started for the wrong reasons. Creating a brand, helping businesses thrive is more about making an impact and learning one of the most profitable skills you can attain.
    The people who often fail this business model jump from idea to idea buying different training courses, without focus. They view the world as a “customer” instead of a producer and fear challenges more than growth. They think its enough to say they do websites, SEO and PPC to get clients completely disregarding the fact that you need to create trust and understanding.

    Lack systems, and measurable and scaleable ways to grow
    Lack tools and strategies to keep ROAS and happy clients
  • Q: What is different with "Filled Pipeline" compare to all other trainings?

    A: Good question. I have bought all of them myself and feel it is a lot of space for a training that covers systems, and measurable and scaleable ways to grow compare to just the same fulfillment strategy.
    It does exist training out there that teach you to deliver great ROAS to the right clients, but their fundament is wrong leaving all the owners stressed out and overwhelmed. That is why you see so many agency owners trying to make their marketing knowledge to create their own courses.
    Filled Pipeline is an EXACT and PROVEN roadmap of how to get clients on autopilot, going from a consultant to owning a system (agency) and smash the information overload once and for all.
  • Q: Is not the Facebook/Google gold rush soon over ?

    A: You HAVEN’T “missed the boat”. Google is a teenager (15 years old!) and Facebook is only 10 years old! NOW is the time to take action, before the boat does eventually depart.
    The great thing about being in a community like Replypipe is that when something stops working, and a new plattform appears that gives better results for your clients, we are on it first

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